The Flow

So as I sit at the doctor’s office (yes, I go from time to time) I’m pondering why is it that this week has become such a money challenge for me?
First it was the broken tooth and the dentist bill, then the digital thermography bill, then the supposed spider bite that looks like it needs a culture to determine what it actually is, and finally the call from the mechanic that oh yes, my ten year-old car is not invincible, and does need a major repair to make it roadworthy.

I guess I could look at this and wonder “How are we going to get through this week?” But, what I’m slowly starting to understand is that I am not alone in this. My husband and I—are not alone.

This, in a strange way, must be the law of circulation, the idea of flow in the universe. The idea that there is always enough, everywhere, all the time, and it needs to circulate. That what I let go of, without fear, sets in motion this wonderful flow of abundance in my life . It does find its way back, in ways that I can’t imagine.

And of course it works the other way too. I have to be willing to receive abundance in all its forms, without fear, in order to keep the flow going.

So the end of the story….is that we found out late today that we are due a sizable refund from an insurance company for a mistake that was made several months ago, enough to cover all of this and more.

There is always, always enough.

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