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Eden Energy Medicine

Massage Therapy

Eden Energy Medicine’s main principle is that your body is composed of a complex structure of electromagnetic energies and other more subtle energies that can become imbalanced or even blocked, and we believe that this is when illness occurs.

Manipulating those energy pathways through various touch techniques and exercises can restore balance and flow. Come in for an assessment of your energy systems and relax while your energies are rebalanced.  Leave with an amazing take-home daily routine. You will feel like your body just got an energy system tune-up.


Reiki is a Japanese treatment in which the practitioner places his or her hands on the client’s body at specified areas to channel energy into the body. Blockages are released and energy is stimulated. Reiki is very effective for stress related problems, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and more in control.


Tapping on specific acupoints on the head and body while bringing to mind a physical or emotional discomfort/event entrains the mind-body to deal better with the stress that the event causes.